THE CHATELAINE'S E-DANCE (because Moi local is global)

Friday, May 06, 2011


(Listed per titles' alphabetical order)

Crucial Bliss Epilogues (Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry) at [TMP Archives]

Enheduanna in the 21st Century (xPressed, 2002) at

POST BLING BLING (Moria Books, 2005): Free .pdf file at and hard copy version at

Songs of the Colon (Ahadada Books, 2005) at

The Corporate Cat (Visual Poetry folio) at Otoliths #2, 2006.

There, Where the Pages Would End(xPressed, 2004) at

THE SINGER AND OTHERS: FLAMENCO HAY(NAKU (Dusie, Switzerland, 2007-8) at


Information on the Chatelaine's hard-copy books at The Blind Chatelaine's Keys.


Special Themed Issue on Poet-Editors Curated by Eileen Tabios at Otoliths, featuring 43 contemporary poet-editors!